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Just a few of our key services

Providing a variety of tools that will help you get into  and receive funding that does not have to be repaid . . . 

Test Preparation  ACT SAT

More colleges are now requiring both SAT and ACT for both admission and funding.

Many increase their scores by 20% or more using the premier testing service to practice and prepare.

Filing required Forms

Each year parents and students file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to receive merit based aid,  Institutional aid,  talent and career awards, work partnerships,  Internships,  work study & grants.  

We make certain you do it right to avoid errors and delays

One on one coaching for every student  

Students and parents schedule one on one visits with their personal coach as requested and our experienced coaches guide them step by step with the conversations archived for review and execution.  Help when you need it backed by 40 years of experience.

Negotiation Strategies

We will teach you our negotiations strategies and funding techniques that have assisted our students in excess of $1 Billion dollars.

Career guidance and personality profile advice

Let us help you evalutate your strengths and weaknesses and direct your talents and interests to SOMETHING GREAT that you love to do.

Connect to endowment money with our promise of value, in writing!

Because we have 40 years of experience to back up our efforts, we put our commitment of funding in writing.  Why take a chance on funding when NO ONE pays full price for college with our knowledge.