Nebraska Education Funds Organization

If you attended college and your college knows where you live, you probably hear regularly from your college asking for your generous contributions.  
NE Center  ~ 402 235 6006

Why did you contact me ?

We have been trying to reach you for some time to alert you of colleges, in state and out of state, public and private, who are trying to connect with you to recruit you to their college or university. You may have noticed that because of your preparation for college through testing or due to your academic achievements, colleges are sending you information in the hope you will give them consideration for attendance. They want you ! 

Can I get this in writing ?
Never pay full price for college with our Knowledge

To determine which schools are right for you or to show you how to receive funding that was given to your college of choice to help you fund your higher education, view this brief video and request a written offer of funding.    

Here is the application

Each student seeking funding should complete the application for funding.  

Know if we can help in just 1 hour !

Students and Parents Schedule a ZOOM meeting with us to get our offer of funding in writing .